Shipping Statment

Shopify has built-in features that allow you to manage returns and exchanges, including the ability to generate return shipping labels for orders. Return labels are “pay on scan”, which means return labels are only charged once they have been used. Shopify merchants benefit from steep shipping discounts with carriers. Return and exchange apps, like the ones below, make processing returns and exchanges more self-serve for customers by offering a portal where they can make a return request, download a return shipping label, or choose products they want to exchange an item for.

Return Statment

On the merchant side, Returnly offers the option to purchase pre-paid shipping labels through the app and get access to their shipping rates, or the ability to upload your own shipping labels to send to customers. This customization extends to almost all other aspects of the return flow, where you can decide what products customers can return or exchange, who pays for the shipping label, and whether they are given a store credit or full refund. One of Returnly’s main differentiators is its Instant Refunds feature, which offers customers a store credit they can use to reorder before sending back their original purchase. If the customer does not return the product but uses the Instant Refund credit, Returnly covers the cost. By providing an immediate store credit, Returnly found that shoppers were 3 times more likely to purchase again from the store. This feature helps transform returns and exchanges into repeat purchase opportunities for a business.